Korean Make Up Tutorial - Gradient Lips

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If you look at the number of shades of lipsticks that 3 Concept Eyes have created, you probably realise how much emphasis the Koreans have put on their lip make up.

"Gradient lips" has become the latest trend in Korea and Asia as it creates "a youthful, and innocent" look. It is featured in a lot of music videos, for example, in Miss A's "Touch" and APink's "Mr. CHU".

Gradient lips are easy to create. First of all, cover your lips with a thin layer of lip concealer to tone down your lips. Then, apply the lipstick to the inner part of your lips and blend outwards.

Don't forget to regularly exfoliate your lips to remove dead cells and use lip moisturising masks, preferably once a week. Otherwise, your lips will look flaky and dry, which defeats the purpose of this youthful look.

Products recommended:
Canmake Lip Concealer
Canmake Lip Concealer Moist in
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Lip Concealer Fragrance Free
Pure Smile Choosy Collagen Lip Mask

The swatches of the 3 Concept Eyes lipsticks are available in the below links:
3CE Lip Colour #101 - #209
3CE Lip Colour #301 - #409
3CE Lip Colour #501 - #609


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